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LGT8F328P and AVR multi ISP Programmer
The LGT8F328P Processor cannot be programmed via the SPI bus like the Atmel chips. An USBasp will not work. The Logic Green chips are programmed using a SWD programmer.

We have developed our own due to a lack of such a product on the open market.  Basically it is a proMINI32 with a shield to which you can connect another proMINI32 or Nano32.  You can upload programs via the Arduino IDE just like an USBasp.  It is compatible with David Buezas' excellent LGT8F boards package.  There are also provisions to use it with Atmel boards like the Nano, proMini and even an Uno or Mega. There are on-board LEDs which give an indication of programming progress and which board has been detected..

Using an ASP/ISP gives the benefit of saving the flash memory used by the bootloader.  You also get instant-ON because there is no bootloader. It is also need to install a bootloader should it be missing or damaged.  For example, I find that freeRTOS will not run on the LGT board with the bootloader installed (it stomps on the WDT vector), but using the ISP removes this problem and gives me another 1/2K of flash which comes in handy.  By definition a typical freeRTOS project needs more memory.

It is designed with a socket for a CP2102 UART board, but you could connect a FTDI using jumpers.

The rev 0 board had a design layout error and so has 1 jumper wire installed..  This was corrected in rev 1.

A brief operating guide (and better photos) is available on my github

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  • Model: LGTasp