Refund Policy

CanHobby Refund Policies

CanHobby policies regarding refunds are subject to the following terms:

1) Please note that refunds cannot be processed until returned items are received and evaluated as per our stated Returns Policy.

2) All refunds will be made using the original payment method.

3) In no case can a refund process be initiated more than 90 days from the original order date.

4) The amount of the refund depends on compliance with our Returns Policy, Please be familiar with this policy before ordering.

5) Although it is not absolutely necessary for CanHobby to process a refund, we appreciate if you contact us to advise us of your intention to request a refund using our Contact Form. Please note that we cannot receive phone calls due to our handicapped staff, but if necessary you may use SMS (text messaging), although we prefer email.

6) In all cases the customer is responsible for return shipping to be able to receive a refund.

7) CanHobby reserves the right to change this refund policy at any time. The policy in effect at the time of the order is the policy that will be applied.