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AShop 16/20MHz UNO
ESP32 20pin IOT
ESP32-S3 proMini type Dev Kit - junk
Arduino UNO ESP32 Development Board
Out of Stock
Serial to UPDI adapter
AS UNO-16 (AS-UNO-20)
This is my own design - UNOs and Nano are getting scarce... and pricey...

I laid it out as per my own preference - Bus oriented - one 8 bit, and two 6 bit parallel buses.

It has a socketed ATmega328P, although the socket doesn't show in the 3D rendering.
You can choose a 16 or 20 MHz crystal.

There is no USB to UART on-board - designed to use a CP2102 board.. although there is no reason you could not use an FTDI, for example.
But you would have to use jumpers to connect it to the CP2102 header.

LEDs are installed optionally - in case you are running on battery.

Separate I2C header designed to use an 0.91" OLED display.  An example sketch is available on my GitHub.

There are 100s of possible header pin combinations - see the related products tab to grab the ones you want when ordering a BareBones.

I'm happy to announce that rev. 0.9 came out proto-perfect (electrically, at least)  You can program it just like an Arduino UNO.  I recommend you use the miniCore board package if using 20MHz.

The mechanical layout error prevents the use of downward facing pins on the A0-A6 header for bread board installation.  Will be fixed in rev. 1.0

The Kit includes MPU with bootloader, socket, crystal, 2 LEDs and headers.
Feel free to ask for the configuration of your choice. ( LED colour, male/female headers etc.)
AShop 16/20MHz UNO
ESP32-20w (ESP32-20)
--- Flaky USB Connection - may require external USB-UART
--- Soldered Pins

Espresif ESP32-WROOM microcontroller

  • 240MHz CPU Clock
  • 2 main cores - 1 pico power core
  • WiFi, BlueTooth
  • 26 available GPIOs
  • - 0 thru 5 = 6 x I/O
  • - 12 thru 19 = 8 x I/O
  • - 21 thru 23 = 3 x I/O
  • - 25 thru 27 = 3 x I/O
  • - 32 thru 33 = 2 x I/O
  • - 34, 35, 36, 39 = 4 x Input
  • 0.8in spacing between rows
  • BreadBoard Friendly
  • IOT verison has no LEDs to save battery

Just add ""
to the Arduino IDE File->Preference->Additional Board Manager URLs to add the official expressif Arduino support
Includes many example sketches. Uses freeRTOS..
ESP32 20pin IOT
ESP32-S3 proMini - junk (ESP32-S3 pro)
ESP32-S3 DevKit:  -  This is a rev. 1.1 that uploads fine but after uploading all that happens is a message
"Invalid image block, can't boot" - and it reboots...

maybe someone out there can fix it.....

This is my own design:  a proMini type dev kit with a minimal of extraneous parts.
all pins are brought out as well as 3 headers for:
- Serial USB converter (my CP210Xx)
- USB breakout adapter connected to the ESP32-S3 native USB pins
- 3V3 regulator to drop the USB 5V to 3V3.

  rev. 1.1 has 2 layout errors - has a jumper and a resistor soldered on the bottom.
        chip is a WROOM-N8R2 (8 Meg flash, 2Meg pSRAM).  Headers are soldered.

  rev 1.2 corrects rev 1.1 errors and adds a power LED and a GP LED on pin 2 (they need to be enable via a solder pad
    on  the bottom), and adds a mounting hole. - N16R8 chip.

The ESP32-S3 features:
  • Two 240MHz Xtensa LX7 cores
  • 2 main cores - 2 low-power cores
  • WiFi, USB OTG Host
  • BlueTooth BLE
  • 4MBytes 4X Quad SPI Flash
  • 512 kBytes SRAM
  • 36  available GPIOs
  • 0.9in spacing between 2 rows of 22 pins each
  • on-board RGB Led ( pin 6)

ESP32-S3 proMini type Dev Kit - junk
Arduino UNO ESP32 (UNOESP32)
Arduino ESP32 UNO format Development board
with microUSB connector for uploading...

Serial I/F is broken - have to connect via female headers.
Arduino UNO ESP32 Development Board
Out of Stock
Serial to UPDI (UPDIser)
Allows programming an AVR128 ( and other modern AVR MCUs) using a CP2102 or FTDI..

This is a rev. 0.9 board which had some PCB production errors.. You will need to solder 3 jumpers on the back.

See related products tab for headers that you man want..

4 pin female for a CP2102
5 pin female for a FTDI

Let me know if you want pictures... including necessary jumpers.

Schematics are available.
Serial to UPDI adapter
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