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AShop 16/20MHz UNO
This is my own design - UNOs and Nano are getting scarce... and pricey...

I laid it out as per my own preference - Bus oriented - one 8 bit, and two 6 bit parallel buses.

It has a socketed ATmega328P, although the socket doesn't show in the 3D rendering.
You can choose a 16 or 20 MHz crystal.

There is no USB to UART on-board - designed to use a CP2102 board.. although there is no reason you could not use an FTDI, for example.
But you would have to use jumpers to connect it to the CP2102 header.

LEDs are installed optionally - in case you are running on battery.

Separate I2C header designed to use an 0.91" OLED display.  An example sketch is available on my GitHub.

There are 100s of possible header pin combinations - see the related products tab to grab the ones you want when ordering a BareBones.

I'm happy to announce that rev. 0.9 came out proto-perfect (electrically, at least)  You can program it just like an Arduino UNO.  I recommend you use the miniCore board package if using 20MHz.

The mechanical layout error prevents the use of downward facing pins on the A0-A6 header for bread board installation.  Will be fixed in rev. 1.0

The Kit includes MPU with bootloader, socket, crystal, 2 LEDs and headers.
Feel free to ask for the configuration of your choice. ( LED colour, male/female headers etc.)
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  • Model: AS-UNO-20