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ESP32-S3 proMini

ESP32-S3 proMini type Dev Kit
ESP32-S3 DevKit:

This is my own design:  a proMini type dev kit with a minimal of extraneous parts.
all pins are brought out as well as 3 headers for:
- Serial USB converter (my CP210Xx)
- USB breakout adapter connected to the ESP32-S3 native USB pins
- 3V3 regulator to drop the USB 5V to 3V3.

  rev. 1.1 has 2 layout errors - has a jumper and a resistor soldered on the bottom.
        chip is a WROOM-N8R2 (8 Meg flash, 2Meg pSRAM).  Headers are soldered.

  rev 1.2 corrects rev 1.1 errors and adds a power LED and a GP LED on pin 2 (they need to be enable via a solder pad
    on  the bottom), and adds a mounting hole. - N16R8 chip.

The ESP32-S3 features:
  • Two 240MHz Xtensa LX7 cores
  • 2 main cores - 2 low-power cores
  • WiFi, USB OTG Host
  • BlueTooth BLE
  • 4MBytes 4X Quad SPI Flash
  • 512 kBytes SRAM
  • 36  available GPIOs
  • 0.9in spacing between 2 rows of 22 pins each
  • on-board RGB Led ( pin 6)

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  • Model: ESP32-S3 pro