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CP2102 ESP

CP2102 USB to UART for ESP MCUs
USB UART with both DTR and RTS for ESP MCUs.  The DTR and RTS pins have jumper seletable circuitry to make for smooth uploading to ESPs without having to jump up and down on the buttons or yank jumpers in and out.  DTR goes to Reset and RTS goes to GPIO 0.

Jumpers are provided to deselect ESP mode to allow use of the DTR as Reset for regular AVR MCUs.

The internal regulator of the CP2102 is not really robust enough for larger ESPs like the ESP32-S3...  so this board includes a separate 850mA  3V3 regulator.

Jumper selectable 3V3 or +5V Vcc

micro USB..
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  • Model: CP2102U-ESP