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ATmega256 with Integrated ESP-8266
ATmega2560 Arduino Board with Integrated ESP-8266.

The primary use case is to add Wifi to an ATmega2560 project using "AT" commands sent through Serial3.

This requires no programming of the ESP-8266 and the ATmega2560 is programmed normally via the USB.  There is a 14 pin male header providing connections to some ESP-8266 GPIO Pins.

The ESP-8266 may be programmed independently by changing the position of the slide switch so that the ESP-8266 is connected to the USB UART rather than Serial3 of the mega2560... A "MODE" button is provided to enable IDE program upload to the ESP-8266.

There are DIP switches for custom configuration of the serial communication - First time users should set Switches 3 and 4 to ON and S2 to the TxD3/RxD3 to use the board as a regular ATmega2560 with communication to the ESP via Seria3.println().

We play with our own "toys" and are more than happy to assist you with your specific configuration.

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